Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Football, Tailgating, and Jewish Pride

Originally published 10/16/07, 12:25 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

Despite some controversies surrounding Chabad in particular and Hassidim in general, there is no question that they are "unapologetic" Jews. They wear their Yiddishkeit on their sleeves and have no problem dealing with the outside world on their own terms. Read on:

Have prayers and Packers, too

Orthodox Jews worship at Lambeau tailgate

Posted: Oct. 14, 2007
Green Bay - If you're going to have a kosher tailgate at Lambeau Field, you might as well go all the way. That means you light up the coals of the kosher grill and bring out the kosher hot dogs, beef, chicken and brats. And you recite morning prayers in Hebrew, even if a rock band is on a nearby stage blaring "Brown Sugar."
So Sunday, Rabbi Shais Taub of the Chabad Lubavitch of Wisconsin led a group of 10 Orthodox Jews on a pilgrimage from Milwaukee deep into Packerland. They tailgated across the street from Lambeau, in a grass-covered parking lot, next door to Kroll's West, where butter burgers - definitely not kosher - are a specialty. And they prayed, with some of the men and their sons donning a prayer shawl called a tallit and phylacteries, two small leather boxes containing verses of Scripture....

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Note: There is a bona fide minyan prior to the New York marathon and Glatt Franks are served AFAIK in both NYC ball parks as well as in Baltimore and Cleveland. My son's Day School davened Mincha at Yankee Stadium several years ago near the Glatt Frank stand. During the Amidah, Bernie Williams hit a home-run that was heard over the p/a system. Our Prayers had been answered!


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Though not a real sports fan I do claim credit for being part of the first kosher group to visit Lhasa, Tibet. We were also Shomer Shabbat but we spent Shabbat in Shangri La, a plane flight away. Aaron D. Michelson, Tour Guide for Shai Bar Ilan Tours