Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Proverbial "Fig Leaf" - Is This Torah Hi - v'Llilmod Ani Tzarich?

Originally published 10/23/07, 4:50 PM, Eastern Daylight Time
During my years at yeshiva, there was a small set of students who were interested in Torah but also had certain "voyeuristic" tendencies. In order to satisfy their hormones - and perhaps their intellect too - they would read the sections of Halachah that dealt with marital and sexual relations. For example, Rambam Hilchos Issurei Bia'h, or other related texts, became reading material in the Beis Midrash.

Was this a legitimate channel for the libido? Or was this merely to cover up for their voyeurism and was a violation of the spirit - if not the letter - of "Do not stray after your eyes" - lo sassuro acahrei ... eineichem?
  • On the one hand, reading Shas/Rambam/Shulchan Aruch can be construed as better than staring at centrefolds.
  • On the other hand, are they actually "faking" or "feigning" an interest in Halachah merely to cover-up what they are REALLY doing?
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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Heh, heh. Having studied the real thing in the real world, I can say with absolute confidence: The Shas/Rambam/Shulchan Aruch is way better (morally speaking) than staring at centrefolds. You won't know a thing about human reproductive anatomy or physiology when you're done either.

Think of it this way: Let a person study Torah for an ulterior purpose. Ultimately he'll study it for its own sake. Who knows how many of these kids will one day become great poskim in the laws o' Niddah?