Wednesday, 9 December 2009

K'vurato Shel Moshe; Avoth 5:9

RSR Hirsch
[siddur p. 493].
«Because no one knows where it may be found, the grave of Moses, too, helps advance our spiritual and moral salvation. For were its site known, ceaseless pilgrimages would have given rise to a cult of quasi-idolatry which would have been most detrimental to our spiritual welfare.»

Dear Readers!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

We Jews, even many of us God-fearing Orthodox frum Jews, are recently in danger of reverting to Egyptian crypt worship! Or becoming prone to R.C. Relic fetishes! We are in danger of losing our way!

The sincere guru is supposed to Point the Way to Worship the True God, and not to become himself become an ersatz object of worship instead.

Let Moses inspire our Divine Service and never let us devolve into a pale, shallow alternative to that most holy service

Amein, kein Yehi Ratzon!


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