Thursday, 10 December 2009

What is Your Mission Statement?

For Nishma:
«So what is it that makes a person a 'Nishma Person'?
If you have an unrelenting desire to pursue Truth through the prism of Torah with the courage to face complex issues and the assistance of a critical eye and a passionate heart, you are a 'Nishma Person'.»

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For AishDas Society:

For UTJ's
Declaration of Principles

I'm working upon drafting my own mission statement.

In terms of Torah and Judaism it would read
Something like this

To emulate Yosef as a "Tzofnas Panei'ach" * I.E. to make sense of the obscure or of the confused.

To rectify [m'taqqein] common mis-understandings of Torah statements and principles.

While in interpersonal relations to follow my late Brother Ron's advice:

"To be a mensch"

What's your mission statement?

To be a great Parent?
To Serve Hashem with all your heart?
To volunteer your free time to the community?
To Study as much Torah as Possible?
To keep a positive attitude all day long?

Kol Tuv

* Note: this is being drafted shortly before Vayeshev.

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