Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Case of the Missing Sukkah

Often Sifrei Halachah cross-reference issues that overlap. For example you might find a subset of Hilchot Aveilut in Hilchot Shabbat. Some Hilchot MLichah appear in Hilchot Bassar b'Chalav etc.

This week I've been covering Ben Ish Chai year 1 Parshat b'Ha'alot'cha. It deals with brachot and hefseqot during a meal. The various cases of interruption do mention a L'vaya - Bar Minon - and t'filah b'tzibbur.

Mention is made re: changing locations during a meal, and starting a meal in one place and completing it in another.

But no mention is made of the most common illustration of a "roving meal". That is when one starts one's S'udah in the Sukkah and is forced to move indoors due to inclement weather. This case is perhaps the single most common cause for a shift in venue, yet its omission here is glaring. AFAIK it's not in Shulchan Aruch or similar codes either.

Isn't that "Missing Sukkah" a strange mystery?


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