Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mussar: A Rubber Band Keeps his Anger at Bay

«I personally have had very good results with a rubber band.  When I feel that I may lose my temper, I put on a rubber band, which I usually carry in my pocket, and I find that it soothes my urge to become angry.  I was once honored to be a witness at a chasunah.  Usually they choose two people with similar backgrounds to be eidim together. Either two Rabbonim or two business men.  My fellow eid this time was a youngster who had met my daughter for a shidduch.

We stood together for a few silent moments and he said "it must be a terrible embarrassment for you to be an eid together with me!"  "It is," I answered.  "How can you bear it?" he asked. "I'm wearing my rubber band", I said showing him my hand, "and nothing bothers me."

He looked at my hand in wonder and then asked "is that a magic rubber band?"  It is not magic.  For me it works, and many others have also found that it works.  It works by reminding me of what I truly wish to remind myself.»
Parshas Vayeitzei, Yeshiva of Far Rockaway

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micha berger said...

Rabbi Perr gives Dr Alan Morinis similar advice. See "Climbing Jacob's Ladder", pg 47. And from there the idea became well known among Alan Morinis's students.