Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mussar: Speak with Derech Eretz

From Derech Emet

Sefer Pele Yoetz, chapter Kabod Chachamim [honoring Torah scholars]:

Included within [the commandment to give] honor, to parents, or to Torah scholars, or to the synagogue, is that he. [a correct Jew] will not speak even with other people before them in a loud voice, and obviously he should not disgrace or curse anyone in their presence, because this
indicates that he does not consider them important and does not revere them, as he would if he stood before a ruler.

And behold, it is as if he disgraced them; therefore, your words in their presence must be in a low voice [kol namuch], and with respect [derech kavod] and proper manners [derech eretz].

Pele Yoetz was completed by Rabbi Eliezer Papo (Sefardi Tahor) in Bulgaria on April 28, 1824; he lived from 1785 CE to 1826 CE.

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