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Authorship of The Bahir

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«Midrash Tehillim (Hebrew: מדרש תהלים) or Midrash to Psalms is a haggadic midrash known since the 11th century, when it was quoted by Nathan of Rome in his Aruk (s.v. סחר), by R. Isaac ben Judah ibn Ghayyat in his Halakot (1b), and by Rashi in his commentary on I Sam. xvii. 49, and on many other passages. This midrash is called also "Agadat Tehillim" (Rashi on Deut. xxxiii. 7 and many other passages), or "Haggadat Tehillim" (Aruk, s.v. סער, and in six other passages). From the 12th century it was called also Shocher Tov (see Midrash Tehillim, ed. S. Buber, Introduction, pp. 35 et seq.), because it begins with the verse
Prov. xi. 27, "שחר טוב יבקש רצון ודרש רעה תבואנו", etc.»

OK Midrash Tehillim was dubbed Shocher Tov due to its opening line.

The names of Parshiyyot in the Torah often reflect their opening lines

The names of Chapters in Shas usually reflect their opening lines.

Sefer Habbaheer's opening line is
"R N'hunya ben Hakkeneh"

Sefer Habbahir is dubbed
Midrash R N'hunya ben Hakkeneh

Does the dubbing of the name reflect
A. Its Opening Line
B. Its Author's Name

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