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Who is the Identified Patient in the Human Family? Do any Symtoms Sound Familiar?

«What Is An "Identified Patient"?
The "Identified Patient" or IP, was a term that emerged in the 1950's to describe the actions of sick and dysfunctional families, and their tendency to assign one person in the family as a scapegoat to their problems.  Essentially, the Identified Patient complex is said to be a way families avoid their own internal pain, disappointments and struggles, by pointing the finger at another family member as the cause for all the problems they experience.

If you were the Identified Patient in your family, you were most likely chosen as the "trouble maker" or "problem child" due to your status within the family (e.g. young, naive and abusable, or older, headstrong and threatening), or your differing Soul Age and personality, which drew attention to your contrasting likes, tastes and habits.  Naturally, these things placed a big bulls eye on your head, and were used against you throughout your life.

Symptoms that you were chosen as the Identified Patient of your family include the following:

Your parents were more strict with you than they were with your other siblings.

Your mistakes were blown out of proportion and/or punished disproportionately.

You always carried the feeling that you "didn't fit in" with your family, and you didn't develop strong connections with them.

You were mocked, ridiculed and/or made fun of on a constant basis.
Your family seemed intent on making you feel "deficient" and as though you were always fundamentally lacking.

Whenever you got stronger, more confident or happier, your family seemed intent on bringing you down and/or convincing you that you weren't getting any better.»

Family: How To Overcome The Shame of Being An "Identified Patient"/Black Sheep ⋆ LonerWolf

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