Tuesday, 2 December 2014

R Steven Pruzansky: The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility

« Mazal tov to Rav Steven Pruzansky on the publication of his new book -
"Tzadka Mimeni:
The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility" (Gefen).
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Tzadka Mimeni, in the format of essays on each Torah portion, extracts from the Torah itself applications of the Jewish ethic of personal responsibility in areas as diverse as dating, marriage, parenting, family life, employment, divine service, military service, acts of kindness, repentance, ownership of private property, wealth, Torah study, mitzvot, modesty, justice, gratitude, Jewish national life, holiness and more, offering a profound vision for modern man and his search for meaning and happiness. »

Volume One - on Breisheet and Shemot - is now available.

The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility Vol I (Bereishit, Shmot)-Gefen Publishing House


Kol Tuv,

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