Thursday, 11 December 2014

Will Neo-Chassidus Revive Modern Orthdoxy?

Rekindling the Flame: Neo-Chassidus Brings the Inner Light of Torah to Modern Orthodoxy

by JA Mag | December 1, 2014 in Jewish Culture
«There are many out there who may have been shown or taught a version of Yiddishkeit that is dry, that is cold," agrees Josh Weinberg, a YU musmach who considers himself a neo-Chassid, and is one of many who look to Rabbi Weinberger for inspiration. "They may practice Judaism in their communities [due to societal pressure], but inside, there's a lot of apathy and [it's done by] rote. Chances are they were never exposed to this deeper and joyous side of religious observance," says Josh, who lives in Riverdale, New York, and works as a photographer and videographer for NCSY.»

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Will Neo-Chassidus Revive Modern Orthdoxy?