Sunday, 15 November 2015

Learning Kitzur S"A

From RRW

On Motz'ei Shabbos - we had a lively discussion re: learning Halachah in general and learning Kitzur S"A in particular. I thought it to be worth sharing

1. KSA covers many topics well. EG I feel KSA  covers a good subset of Aveilus and‎ Niddah

2. Unlike EG Hayyei Adam, it covers elements of Y"D, Even ho'Ezer and Choshen Mishpot

3. Perhaps it is weakest re: Shabbos and Pesach. I suggested supplementing KSA with EG Zichru Toras Moshe or Hayyei Adam for Shabbos,  and with R Shimon Eider's Sefer on Hil. Pesach

4. I saw a letter by R Ganzfried suggesting he used a "Beis Din" of Hayyei Adam, S"A haRav, and the Derech Chaim By R Yaakov miLisa.

5. Kitzur S"A is a popular limmud amongst Hassidim, BUT they don't slavishly follow it l'ma'aseh. Rather, they use it mostly as a Textbook of Halachah.

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