Wednesday, 25 November 2015

United with Israel: …And the Result is Always to Blame the Victims

Is it not somewhat bewildering for the PA to make public pronouncements glorifying terrorists? Are they not thereby presenting themselves in a negative light to the world? The fact is that they see these pronouncements as actually furthering their cause in the eyes of many Westerners. Please see further, my latest UWI blog, at

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Rabbi Ben Hecht

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Unknown said...

Thank-you for your beautifully written and insightful words. The analysis of the situation- the skewed perspectives, and the unrighteousness (and disgusting element) is perfect. What the Swedish foreign minister, and millions of others fail to recognize is that there is more than one approach to a problem. If frustration- and perceived tyranny- leads to violence why aren't the Canadian natives firebombing major Canadian cities, why aren't Chinese peasants, the Indian lower castes, Mexican subsistence farmers etc. murdering their countrymen? The Swedish foreign minister and the entire Israel/ Zionist/ Jewish blame mongers should,at some point, wake up and realize that if one builds bridges instead of destroying them one can walk across it to education, wealth, productivity and peace.