Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Halachic Slippery Slope

We yeshivishe trained rabbis and lamdanim can usually easily recognize a non-Orthodox T'shuva as having some kind of "Lefty" Agenda that has little to do with classic Halachic discourse.

Maybe you'll see an opinion such as
«It is better to not get married than to have a wedding that breaks a perfectly functional glass because "bal tashchit" is far worse than living without benefit of Qiddushin or K'tubah

When you see these kinds of T'shuvot, you know you have left the Frum reservation and have entered Left Out Field. Way out

But unfortunately, the Orthodox, the Observant, the Traditional, the Frum, etc. are not immune from this revisionist bug.

I'm not going to supply specifics, rather let's just say that I subscribe to a trickle-down model. And when we O's play smaller games, non-O's may play bigger ones and use slippery-slope arguments.

Now there is nothing we can do about the Halachic Literature that existed before the Jewish Reformation. We have to accept that as grandfathered in

However, in the vein of Hachamim Hizaharu b'divreichem, we should be careful to play within the accepted bounds of Halachic discourse whenever possible.

Exceptions may be made for "et laasot Lashem" but otherwise I advocate for a more "objective system".

«Won't you be putting posqim into a "strait jacket"? We might as well use a Bar-Ilan CD and an algorithm to produce Halachah

I'm not trying to make p'saq so formulaic that it can be computerized.

I'm just trying to see if we can set up a set of standards and conformities that will make various responsa have a similar look and feel, to respect similar authorities etc.


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