Thursday, 4 February 2010

Seeing Policies Everywhere 13

My Havruta and I were learning Hilchot Shabbat in Zichru Torat Moshe [ZTM] and Q'hilat Yom Tov [QYT]

In siman 52 on Miqach v'mimkar the QYT 1 states - and we do not do Qiddushin on Shabbat

Then comes policy
There is a famous t'shuva of Rema [number not available now] about an extraordinary case when the Rema made an exception.

Several criteria were elaborated to provide that exception.

The final line
"P'shita" that we should be cautious at the outset to avoid this situation - quoting Hayei Adam [same author as ZTM]

AFAIK, the Rema himself prohibited weddings on erev Shabbat and YT

And now we can summarize

No Qiddushin on Shabbat

• Policy: No Weddings before Shabbat or YT lest it extend into Shabbat

IR A harchaqah as a result of an incident - a maaseh shehayah.


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