Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rugged Individualism: The Ups and Downs

Preface see
WikiAnswers - What is Rugged Individualism

«"Rugged Individualism" refers back to a speech made by Republican president Herbert Hoover in 1928 as his closing speech. It refers to a belief that individuals can succeed with minimal governmental aide. It is generally considered a belief of the Republican party in the 1920's.»

In Judaism the Defiant Individualist can be the hero, the role model the protagonist

On a Jewish Blog:

«Noah, Abraham, Moses, Caleb and Joshua all defied the consensus current in culture. God seems to have said said,"do what is allowed, don't follow the crowd."»

OTOH the Defiant Individual who questions leadership may fall into the role of others.

Think of Defiant Individualists such as
Zadoq and Boethus
Elisha ben Avuya
Anan Ben David
Shabtai Zvi
Abraham Geiger

Defiance can be used to stand up for Hashem against a corrupt society

And Defiance can be abused by licensing individuals to stand up to Torah Leaders to pursue a non-Torah agenda in Hashem's name



Mikewind Dale (Michael Makovi) said...

The ultimate historical source for libertarian individualism is Protestant Christianity, more specifically, Zurich Reform Christianity. The Scottish Marian exiles asked Heinrich Bullinger (one of the Zurich Reformed theologians) whether a G-d-fearing Protestant must obey a G-dless idolatrous Catholic monarch like Mary of Scots, and the answer was, no, that ein shaliah b'davar `averah. All the concepts of libertarian democracy as found in John Locke and the like evolved from that fateful response.

Mikewind Dale (Michael Makovi) said...

Of course, Bullinger didn't quote the Talmud in his response, but he may as well have.

Unknown said...

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