Saturday, 27 February 2010

Purim V

Originally published 2/27/10, 9:51 pm.
Kol ho'omer davar b'sheim omro meivi g'ulah l'olam Avot 6:6

I always wondered how that could work?
How does citing the proper source bring g'ula?

Shloymie: Rabbi Wolpoe - with all due respect. [WADR] you overlook the obvious

RRW: How so?

Shloymie: L'mashal - if Rambam says to behave a certain way, or to observe a certain dynamic, or to think along certain lines - we have to follow the Rambam.

RRW: So?

Shloymie: BUT if we can say b'sheim omro that the source is Aristotle we are freed from obeying! Since who is Aristotle to tell us how to think or behave?


Shloymie: This rescue from his strictures is a form of g'ulah

RRW: Any more?

Shloymie: You surprise me! L'mashal say R Yisroel Salanter minted thirteen middos of behaviour to emulate on a rotating basis.

RRW: Go on.

Shloymie: But if we were to l'mashal find out that those same middos were penned 100 years earlier by Benjamin Franklin in his Autobiography - it would change everything! Once we would know the sheim om'ro, we are no longer m'chuyyav to observe these middos - because they have an alien basis.

RRW: I see! So b'sheim Om'ro brings g'ulah by ad hominem attacking the source and side-stepping the wisdom or advice beig offered!.

Shloymie: Exactly! Now you got it Rabbi! V'nahaphoch Hu!

Freilichen Purim,

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