Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interesting Torah T'mimah re: Sukkah

I've started learning Torah T'mimah on B'reishis and I chanced upon a really interesting connection

See TT on B'reisheet 2:6 "v'eid yaaleh min ho'oretz" citing Sukkah 11b

Note: this might be "old hat" to those who've learned Masechet Sukkah.

See TT #20 explaining that anenei kavod are "gidulo min ho'oretz" and its implication for hilchot s'chach.

Namely, that since eid is from the earth and
So therefore these Ananei Kavod are from the earth - and not from shomayim
And Therefore s'chach must be grown from the earth, too


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RAM said...

Since moisture moves in both directions as part of its normal cycle, it's hard to characterize it as being exclusively from the earth or exclusively from heaven.