Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sukkah - a Landlord Tenant dispute

Tel Aviv - Court: Renters Can Build Courtyard Sukkah over Owners' Objections



Full disclosure:
My wife Ramona practices Landlord-Tenant litigation
She probably never saw a case like this one

Also one must consider if such a Sukkah - against the Landlord's wishes - constitutes a Mitzvah haba'ah ba'aveirah


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micha berger said...

While the mishnah in Bikkurim does invoke MHB to invalidate bikkurim brought from land farmed by someone who did so without the permission of the owner, sukkah doesn't work that way. Chachamim over R' Eliezer on Sukkah 31a.

Land can not be stolen, although the crops obtained from someone else's land without their permission is stolen.