Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rosh Yeshiva vs. Poseiq -2

Of course some Posqim are Roshei Yeshiva - R Moshe Feinstein Z"L comes to mind

And some "Roshei Yeshiva" make great Posqim - R Moshe Heinemann comes to mind. So "switch hitters" do exist!

L'havdil - Just as some Physicists might make great Engineers and vice versa, but this is rare in my experience. Theoreticians rarely bridge that gap. EG was Einstein involved in the Manhattan Project?

In the "good old days" people learned torah from a m'lameid and asked sheilos from a Rav - which in small shtetlach might indeed been the same person

RYD Soloveichik's father Moshe hired a m'lameid for his prodigious son. For those who know the story, the rest is history

Yet R Chaim Brisker has been reported to turn to R Elchanan Spektor to pasqen a touchy Get issue.

So we Get the pattern clearly now.

Next Up - some practical applications of Pragmatism

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