Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dennis Prager: Why I am not Orthodox

«Finally, given that I believe that the Torah is from God and that the Jews are the Chosen People, and because I have values similar to Orthodox Jews, I am often asked why I am not Orthodox. My standing-on-one-leg response consists of three Hebrew words: Yom Tov Sheni. That's not my only reason, but it's shorthand for rabbinic law not changing.»

Can Halachah ever be wrong? | Dennis Prager | Jewish Journal


Sometimes the Creative Minds [Oker Harim] forget that by chipping away at the system, that the system may lose its structural integrity.


A Modern Orthodox person sincerely may QUESTION Y"T Sheini


A Non-Orthodox person simply discards it

See Beis Halevi on "Mah Ha'Avodah Hazot Lechem"


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Adam Zur said...

Yom Tov Sheni is in my opinion not a good example. But his point about the shaver is I think better because it really does approach the central question. I admit I agree with Prager in this area, though I admit to your point also that knocking at any part of the structure can damage the whole thing. The answer is there are several areas of value. And these areas can conflict. The fact that it is impossible to decide which one overrides the other does not diminish the validity of either area.