Sunday, 29 January 2012

If Torah is God speaking to people, then Talmud is people speaking to God.

«... Even for Israel, this was strange photo op - a group of Koreans, fully rigged out with a TV cameras, winding their way through a crowded beit midrash filled with animated yeshiva bochrim shouting, gesturing and doing what they generally do in a beit midrash: learning. Why were they so interested? Well, it seems that Asians are impressed by the high achievements made by Jews thoguhout the world. How, they wonder, could such a relative minority of the world population have captured a majority of the world's accolades? »

"Torah is God speaking to people. Talmud is people speaking to God."
- Adin Steinsaltz

From Ponevezh To Oslo | Got Talmud?


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Adam Zur said...

Hitbodadut is speaking with G-d. learning Talmud is understanding God's Law. This is not the same thing.