Friday, 20 January 2012

R Haym Brisker, 100 Years Later

«100 Years Ago in the Forward

Haym Soloveitchik, otherwise known as the Brisker Rov, is one of the best-known scholars among contemporary rabbis. Considered one of Jewish law's top authorities, people turn to him from all over the world with their legal queries. For the young generation, Soloveitchik is regarded as a fanatic who is unwilling to recognize that we have entered a new, modern era. But if you talk to young people in his hometown of Brisk, Belarus, even the apikorsim, or secular Jews, don't see it that way. To the locals, who know the rabbi, he is, quite simply, a moral giant. In Brisk, young atheists and old religious Jews share the same view of Soloveitchik. He is talked about as if he is a living legend. Soloveitchik's breadth as a thinker and moralist is known to all in his hometown, no matter what religious affiliation they may or may not have.»

Looking Back: December 16, 2011 – The Jewish Daily Forward

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Pursuant to this, I once heard the following from a Rav...

R Haym Soloveichik Z"L was such a Ga'on/Genius that people would forget what a tremendous ba'al chessed he was

Conversely and Ironically -
The Choffetz Chaim Z"L was such an outstanding Tzaddik, people tended to overlook his great level of learning


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