Sunday, 1 January 2012

Results of Poll on: Hanukah

In our last poll, we inquired

New Poll: Hanukkah

What aspect of Hanukkah is most important to you?

1. The renunciation of Greek Culture in favour of Torah Culture

2. The Victory of the Jewish People over its enemies

3. The miracle of the Oil and its Spiritual Symbolism

4. The Lighting of our own Nerot Hanukkah in our own homes in our own time.

Your Responses (total 8)

Choice 1 - 37.5%  (3)
Choice 2 - 37.5%  (3)
Choice 3 - 00.0%  (0)
Choice 4 - 25.0%  (2)


Rabbi Hecht
What would seem to be most interesting about the responses is the absence of any one who favoured choice 3, the significance of the miracle itself.To be honest, I am not sure what that would really mean. It does seem to indicate that, at least amongst those who visit the Nishmablog, there is a greater concern for the effect in this world and within the specific parameters of our lives than on matters from another dimension.

Rabbi Wolpoe
Wow! The Bavli's account got the LEAST votes
I mostly liked #4, what WE do in the Here and Now.
Though as a historian #2 is important. Too
Actually I felt all 4 had at least some validity, so every choice is "right" on some level.

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Rachel said...

I really liked this poll - thank you. It was interesting actually think about the meaning behind Hannukah and also what it means to me. So often a holiday will come and go without giving time to that thought. Thank you. It's also interesting to see what the holiday means to other people...