Monday, 8 July 2013

Defining the Rabbi's Role

«The Rav Speaks (p. 189 n. 6):
If the position of the Rav [community rabbi] were connected solely with halachah, Din Torah and the spreading of Torah knowledge, then the halachah that one may not appoint a leader without first consulting the community would not apply. Rabbinic appointment would in that case be in the category of the appointment of a Sanhedrin or a Judge, which is effected from above…
If, however, the Rabbinate finds expression in socio-political functions (care for general welfare, kindness, charity, representation and the like), then he is not only a Moreh Hora'ah and Dayyan but also a leader and his appointment requires the sanction of the community. It is unnecessary to stress that the history of the Rabbinate endorses the second definition. The Rav has never been only the Moreh Tzedek, but also the faithful shepherd of his flock…»
«R. Samson Raphael Hirsch describes the following primary tasks of a rabbi in a letter to a student:
• Fearless devotion
• Studying Torah
• Dedicated leader
• Role model
• Education of children»
Hirhurim - Torah Musings » A Rabbi's Role

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