Monday, 15 July 2013

Tisha B'Av and Purim - Liturgical Parallels

Originally posted around Tisha B'Av of 2009, and March 6, 2011.

The following outline lists some of the parallels, primarily liturgical, between Purim and the 9th of Av.
1 Maariv - Nighttime 
     1.1 Only Megillos that are read at night.
          1.1.1 Eicho
          1.1.2 Esther
     1.2 Similar Structure with Kaddish Tiskabel and v'Ato Kodosh

2 Shacharis - Omissions
     2.1  Purim - A "miracle" Holiday , no Hallel (Megilloh instead)
     2.2  9th of Av -  A Fast Day  without   
          2.2.1  Selichos (Kinnos instead)
          2.2.2  Tachanun & Ovinu Malkeinu

3 Shacharis - Chazoros Hashatz
     3.1 Only weekday repetitions of the Amido with Krovos/Krovatz

4 Preceding Shabbos 
     4.1 Purim preceded by Zachor
     4.2 9 Av preceded by Chazon

5 Tanach  Pattern - Special Torah and Haftoro readings are read the Shabbos 
before the event, with the corresponding Megilloh on the day of the event.
     5.1 Purim - The Amalek Connection
          5.1.1  Torah- Zachor 
          5.1.2  Navi - Haftoro of Zachor (Shaul's War with Amalek in Shmuel)
          5.1.3  Kesuvim Esther
     5.2 9 Av - The  Eicho Connection
          5.2.1  Torah - Eicho in Devorim
          5.2.2  Navi - Eicho in the Haftoro of Chazon (Yeshaya)
          5.2.3  Kesuvim - Eicho

6 Month-wide 
     6.1 Mishenichnos Adar Marbin b'Simcho
     6.2 Mishenichnos Av M'maatin b'Simcho

7 Miscellaneous
     7.1 Some Pesukim in Esther are read to Eicho melody (in particular Asher 
     7.2 Chiyuv S'eudo vs. Chiyuv Taanis
     7.3 Similar Minhogim not to work



Milhouse said...

There are Krovos for all the fast days. Most minhagim leave them out, but they're to be found in old siddurim.

gpickholz said...

Identical trop, except in major and minor musical keys. Your subscription form does not work.
Excellent blog.

thanbo said...

RRW: Re 3.1: There are krovot (at least kedushta'ot) for Chanukah. Gavriel Wasserman once organized a Chanukah minyan to say one. Don't remember what his source was.

Gedaliah: Milhouse has characterized megillah trup (Rus, Koheles, Shir Hashirim) as "Yomim Noraim on speed".