Thursday, 11 July 2013

Huffington Post: How to Know You're Right While Thinking You Could Be Wrong

In my latest blog on Huffington Post-Canada, I deal with the apparent contradiction in my last two postings. In the first one, I promote the value of doubt. In the second one, I promote the value of surety. How can one have both?

My original title for the post, btw, was 'Balancing Surety and Doubt' but it was changed by the editors.

Please see, "Between Surety and Doubt."

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Rabbi Ben Hecht

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Anonymous said...

Written like a true Talmudic scholar. Now if the Rabbi were to begin parsing the individual issues of complexity then he graduates to being a sage. The comments about our society are accurate and sadly leave us unable to propagate views with any ambiguity. Thus we are left to provide a forum only for the converted.