Friday, 28 March 2014

Does a Self-Cleaning Oven Satisfy Libbun Gamur?

Let's grant for the sake of argument that the sides and walls of a self-cleaning oven reach temperatures amounting to libbun gamur.

How about the inside cavity? Does it get hot enough to reach Libbun gammur in order to kasher

1. The Oven Racks
2. Stove-Top Grates
3. BBQ Grates

For either -
A. Passover
Or for
B. Treif?

Source #1

Self-cleaning oven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«A self-cleaning oven is an oven which uses high temperature approximately *500* degrees Celsius»

Source #2
«How hot does steel or iron have to be to turn red?

Hot hot does it have to be to turn red and bend real easy

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WOMBAT, Manliness Expert answered 5 years ago

Steel begins to glow faintly red at about *600* degrees celsius. A very slight red color may be visible below this temperature if the light is dim enough.

Steel is still relatively soft just after the red color fades but at this point it rapidly get harder as it cools.

In bright light, e.g: sunlight, the red color may not be visible until the steel is well into the "cherry red" temperature: more than 750 degrees celsius.»

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