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Mishenichnas Adar Marbin BePurim Torah

originally posted 03/08/09

Rabbi R sent out this:


“I’m a vegetarian.
Do I have to have meat on my Seder plate?” "

A supplemental question has been e-mailed me via cyber space:

I'm a carnivore.
Must I eat karpas/greens and marror/bitters at the seder?

the late Dr. Robert Atkins, MD

Q: How do we know that the wicked Haman was descended from Amaleiq?

A: The Torah reading for Purim is taken from the end of the Portion Beshalach - "and then along came Amaleiq"

So we know that Purim is connected to Amaleiq but we do not yet know that Haman is connected to Amaleiq.

Well just prior to Amaleiq in Beshalach is the portion of "The Manna" in Hebrew it is the portion of "Haman"

Thus the juxtaposition of the two portions indicates a connection indicative that Haman is descended from Amaleiq.

Note: the text is in reverse order. Rashi states there is no specific order in the torah!


This one is said in the name of Rabbi Haim Soloveichik I, aka Reb Haim Brisker..

It says in Esther and in the "Al haNissim" prayer that Haman sought to destroy all Jews, men, women, and children on ONE DAY, viz. The 13th of Adar...

Q: Why is it significant to focus on a SINGLE DAY? Does that imply that had Haman sought to destroy the Jews over a week's period would Haman been any less wicked?

A: Yes. Haman was so wicked that he wanted to give the Jews just one day to celebrate his defeat, and not more!


Q: Why do yeshiva boys drink more on Purim than most people?

A: The rema shulchan aruch orach hayyim 695:2
says that people should drink "yoteir milimudo"
(more than their training).
And Since yeshiva boys are actively in training in their Torah studies therefore they need to drink more!


A customer just came in.

Customer: I have fly to Seattle.
Me: When?
Customer On Purim right after the meal!

Me: I guess you'll be flying "high" then! :-)

Abie: Izzy, how come you attack cynicism so much?
Izzy: Who says I do? And anyway, why shoudn't I?
Abie: Because YOU Izzy are quite the cynic yourself!
Izzy: And your point?
Abie: don't you see that you are a cynic and yet you are against cynicism!
Izzy: Not at all! I'm just so cynical that I'm even cycnical about cynicism!
Abie: Ya gotta be kidding!
Izzie: And after all, aren't you being cynical about my answer!?

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