Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Belz School Faculty Lectures for Yamim Noraim

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From: Cantorial Council of America
To: Cantorial Council of America
Subject: Belz School Faculty Lectures for Yamim Noraim
Sent: Sep 16, 2014 16:14

Dear CCA Members and Friends
We would like to inform you of a special seminar that the Belz School faculty will conduct at Mount Sinai Jewish Center, 135 Bennett Avenue, New York NY 10040 tomorrow evening, September 17, at 7:30.
The sessions will be as follows:
*Cantor Sherwood Goffin - The History of The Great Bor'chu, Aleinu and Kol Nidre  
  Melodies of the Yamim Noraim.
*Cantor Bernard Beer – The Nusach of the Slichos for the week before Rosh Hashana.
*Cantor Eric Freeman – Niggunim and Congregational Singing for the Yamim Noraim.
We are certain that your Yamim Noraim experience will be greatly enhanced by this presentation by our Belz Faculty members. There is no fee for this seminar. We hope to see you there!
If recordings are made, we will try to distribute to you.
Shalom and a Ktiva Vachatima Tovah to you,
Cantor Sherwood Goffin, CCA President

Kol Tuv,

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