Thursday, 11 September 2014

Can Kohanim visit Ground Zero?

Misaskim Joins Rabbonim at Ground Zero on Kohanim Question

Can kohanim visit Ground Zero? This was a question addressed by more than 20 rabbonim who visited the site at the invitation of the 9/11 Museum. An earlier gathering of the Rabbonim at Misaskim Headquarters resulted in a p'sak that kohanim could visit the site. The issue became even more important as the Medical Examiner last month released some remains to be interred in a room at the 9/11 Museum.

In addition to the rabbonim, the special meeting was also attended by officials of the Medical Examiner's Office as well as engineers who were involved in the design and construction of the museum. They provided the rabbonim with precise details on the location of the remains and the layout of the area. A key ingredient in the success of the meeting was Misaskim's outstanding relationship with the Office of the Medical Examiner, headed by Acting Chief Barbara Sampson, who had already worked out with Misaskim groundbreaking accommodations for our community. In the end, the Rabbonim agreed that kohanim could visit the site and even the 9/11 Museum. 

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