Sunday, 26 February 2017

Invoking Holocaust Rhetoric

From RRW

David Friedman is being forced to apologize as a Republican who "mis-spoke" when he invoked the term "Kapo" re: JStreet.

See how US Senator Ribicoff had no remorse in accusing fellow Democrat Mayor Daily on National TV ‎of using "Gestapo Tactics"!

Maybe this has nothing to do with Party but with the advent of political correctness?
"Then-Congressman Donald J. Irwin of Norwalk, a delegate, lent him his badge.
Mr. Irwin said he thought that the Senator was just going to make a nominating speech, and he didn't like what he heard either. The next morning, he angrily confronted the Senator at a reception, called him a ''creep'' and said his remarks at the convention were ''contemptible.'' His parting shot was ''I hope they Mace you.''
''Even to this day, I really can't believe he used that kind of language,'' Mr. Irwin said of the Gestapo reference. ''It was a time of very deep passions, yet people could have used some restraint.''
Mr. Ribicoff said Mr. Irwin's criticism ''went in one ear and out the other.'' He added, ''what I said was the truth and that was it.''
Ribicoff And Daley Head To Head -

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