Monday, 6 February 2017

Women Communal Roles

From RRW and RBH

Recently, the following was sent out by the OU in regard to the communal role of women:
A number of months ago, the OU posed two questions to a panel of its leading poskim:

1) Is it halakhically acceptable for a synagogue to employ a woman in a clergy function?

2) What is the broadest spectrum of professional roles within a synagogue that may be performed by a woman? 

Recently, the Rabbinic Panel provided their Responses to us to these questions. At a meeting of the OU's Board of Directors yesterday, the OU adopted the Responses of the Rabbinic Panel as a statement of OU policy. In addition, the OU has prepared a Statement, commenting on the Responses of the Rabbinic Panel.

To view the Responses of the Rabbinic Panel, and the accompanying OU Statement, please click on the links below:

Statement from the OU
Allen I. Fagin
Executive Vice President / Chief Professional Officer
Orthodox Union

In response JOFA made the following statement
Courtesy of Rabbi A Gordimer

To further your study and investigation of the topic, we also wish to direct you to the Women Rabbis Archives at Torah Musings

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