Thursday, 16 February 2017

Kerensky: "No Enemies to the Left"

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"His philosophy of "no enemies to the left" greatly empowered the Bolsheviks and gave them a free hand, allowing them to take over the military arm or "voyenka" of the Petrograd and Moscow Soviets. " 
Alexander Kerensky - Wikipedia

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Ideological slogans may not always seem to be very important. Sometimes, however, they can reveal basic and persistent mind-sets. This is the case with the slogan that originated in the French Revolution, "No enemies to the Left." Students of European politics will recognize that this slogan has persisted, and that the ideas behind it still apply to today's politics.

New Oxford Review

So do today's "Bolsheviks" feel the corollary -
"There are only enemies to the Right"?

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