Monday, 20 February 2017

Jewish groups berate Trump for blasting reporter who asked about anti-Semitism

From RRW
The Reporter was interviewed on Fox and he was totally forgiving of Trump's reaction.

Others noted that the question was a tad convoluted and lent itself to being misunderstood by Trump, who tends to be impatient. A more direct question such as
"Mr. Prez... how will you address Anti-Semitism?" 
probably would elicited a different reaction

It appears to me that these Jewish organizations are more offended than the reporter himself. Do you wonder why that is so? I think I know!

Of course Mr. Trump ideally should have been more patient and heard the fellow out. That would have been more menschlich then "shushing" him. So the President seems to suffer from a limited attention span. And so he is not "blameless". Yet the bottom line is that the reporter himself was understanding....

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