Sunday, 1 March 2020

This is where Open Orthodoxy has brought us

From RRW
I wish to thank Rav Dov Fischer for this link
Avram Mlotek, an Open Orthodox ordainee of “Chovevei Torah,” is frequently highlighted in their literature as an alumnus who brings them great pride.
Avram Mlotek
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I had the privilege of officiating a wedding on Sunday. In many ways, it was like any other simcha I've officiated: joyous, Jewish, spiritual, full of love. What made it different was that they were two men who joined in sacred, covenantal relationship. This coming week Jewish communities will hear two words uttered in synagogues across the globe: naaseh v'nishma, we will do and we will listen. We will act and we will understand. As I shared to the chatanim, the grooms, it is their passion, charge and desire for action which made this holy day possible. While some may not yet or ever fully comprehend, it is their actions, deeds and maasim tovim, their mitzvot, which will speak for themselves with inherent worth and value. Mazl tov!

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