Sunday, 15 March 2020

WATCH: 'Jews should be on their knees' - anti-AIPAC protests driven by anti-Semitism

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Rabbi Ben Hecht said...

While the anti-Semitic nature of this protest cannot be denied, it is important to still note how the Balfour Declaration is so simply dismissed. Many people believe that this Declaration provides c;ear and strong support for Israel and that those wishing to challenge Israel only attempt to do so by negating its existence. As evidenced here, this is not the case. They are not arguing there was no Balfour Declaration. They are arguing that it has no legal and/or ethical-moral basis. We must learn that we cannot just defend Israel by quoting the Balfour Declaration. We must know why it has standing and, if not, why that does not matter. These women mention the Balfour Declaration only to use it to attack it and, by extension, Israel (and, as evidenced by their racist natures, Jews). What we must show is why this whole line fo reasoning is actually irrelevant.

Rabbi Ben Hecht