Friday, 3 September 2010

Humanism, Haskalah, Mussar - 13 Common Denominators

What do the following have in common

1 Deist-Humanist Ben Fanklin
2 Rabbi Mendel (Leffin) Satanover.
3 Mussar Movement's R Yisroel Salanter

Like Hakodesh Baruch Hu, they all possesed 13 middot. :-) Well maybe better stated they were all "obsessed" by a common 13 Middot

Read on from R Micha Berger's "Aspaqlaria"

FWIW, R Zvi Hersh Weinreb's talk in Teaneck on Friday Night several months ago centred on Zeitgeist. Perhaps transcending all the divisions between the various sects is this unifying factor of Zeitgeist

And it might mean that we are not copying each other at all, rather being commonly and simultaneously inspired by the same forces from Above


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