Monday, 6 September 2010

Re: Rosh Yeshiva vs. Poseiq - 4

Bottom line - what should we do?

Here are some recommendations

For "Baale-batim":
If you want a good shiur on a Blatt g'mara go to a Rosh Yeshiva. If you need a sheilah pasqened - go to a Poseiq. Sometimes they will be one and the same person. Often they will NOT be.

B"H, my in-laws have the luxury of a Rav who is also a rebbe in a Yeshiva, and a big lamdan. They have the best of both worlds and can conveniently do "one-stop" shopping.
For Rabbanim:
Consider my advice to not necessarily turn to one's favourite rebbe to answer a Sheilah. Rather - consider a Poseiq, a Dayan, etc.

For looking up Halachah, think the same way.

Shulchan Aruch and Rema were world class posqim. They might make a better model then a lamdusher sefer written by a teacher.

Consider S'farim such as Beth Yosef and Aruch Hashulchan.

Kitzur Hilchot Shabbat was written for Beis Yaakov High School students. But its the author was a world-class Dayan in Washington Heights [Rav Posen].

If you want to STUDY halachah, a pedagogue may teach you better. If you want to DECIDE halachah the decisive choice ought to be a decider.

E.G., IMHO The Tur teaches the Halachah more clearly than the SA-Rema. But the SA-Rema is more decisive, because the Tur is very subtle and does not push any single Sheetah.

Don't hesitate to use your Roshei Yeshiva to teach you Torah


Don't hesitate to use your Poseiq to make the tough calls


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