Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rosh Yeshiva vs. Poseiq - 3

Combining Lamdut with P'saq..

In my dreams - If I had a Billion Dollars, I'd start an Institute for Practical Halachah. I would cover Halachah p'suqah across the spectrum of the 4 Turim plus.

Meanwhile what to do with the existing Educational Structure?

Actually, little needs to be done to address my dichotomy of Rosh Yeshiva [RY] vs. Poseiq

The Yeshiva System is already geared more towards producing Roshei Yeshivah. To Produce posqim one needs Three elements
Shimush! Shimush, and More Shimush!

Book learning could be guided by a mentor, but one cannot learn a hands-on skill from a book anymore than once could learn Sh'chitah or Milah [strictly] from a book

The Yeshiva Gedolah in Teaneck had a program of learning Talmud in the morning and then Tur Beth Yosef in the afternoon on the same subject; EG Niddah or Ezehu Nesech. [I'm not sure this is still in place but this is. Great Idea to produce those who can bridge the gap between P'saq and Lamdut. "Switch Hitters"]

Besides Shimush the givens are that:

A GREAT Poseiq would still need to be well-versed in Shas and posqim

A Middle Level Poseiq could master Tur and Beth Yosef and be highly effective

An ordinary Poseiq would need to know practical Halacaha well and would be on-track towards greatness or need to consult those who are greater for anything above the ordinary

Next stop - whom does one consult?

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