Saturday, 26 October 2019

Mussar: Derech Eretz Kadmah L'Minchah

 originally published on July 27, 2013

Recently, a customer came along and told me a long and very nice story.

The Short Version:

The Rav in his shul is Hassidishe and a very Eidele Mensch. [A Gentleman] B'derech K'lal, he is makpid to daven Minchah AFTER sh'kiah.

Hayom Yom - the Rav invites a Choshuver Litvisher Rosh Yeshiva to his shul. As a result, he moves Minchah up to well before Sh'kiah out of deference for his guest.

The menschlich thing to do:
Forego your own sheetah to honour an important guest.

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