Monday, 28 October 2019

The Bohr Model

From RRW

"The Bohr model is a relatively primitive model of the hydrogen atom, compared to the valence shell atom model. As a theory, it can be derived as a first-order approximation of the hydrogen atom using the broader and much more accurate quantum mechanics and thus may be considered to be an obsolete scientific theory. However, because of its simplicity, and its correct results for selected systems (see below for application), the Bohr model is still commonly taught to introduce students to quantum mechanics or energy level diagrams before moving on to the more accurate, but more complex, valence shell atom. "

The Bohr Model is a way of introducing a simple model for a far more complex topic.

Amazingly, scientists have gone way beyond this simplistic model but STILL use it for high school classes.  It still works on a basic level.

In Talmud, 3 was used to approximate the Greek PI.  But don't build a bridge substituting 3 for PI.  it works conceptually but not precisely.

In Kabbalah a lot of Spiritual energy is called

OHR. ( No connexion to Bobby Orr afaik)

But the masters warn that this is a model k'dai l'sabber es ho'ozen.

Thus OHR EIN SOF may resemble light, but don't look for photons there.  Light is very ethereal so it's used as a mashal, a dugma, a model for our simple human minds.

when discussing complex topics, simplified models might be used.

S'dom was destroyed by gophris vo'eish.  As a kid, the Jewish Press had a series that suggested this was a nuclear explosion.  Who knows?  But if S'dom was nuked, Gophris Vo'eish was a metaphor of sorts.  But conceptually a good enough model for ancients.
"The most important properties of atomic and molecular structure may be exemplified using a simplified picture of an atom that is called the Bohr Model. This model was proposed by Niels Bohr in 1915; it is not completely correct, but it has many features that are approximately correct and it is sufficient for much of our discussion"

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