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Mussar: Speech as a form of Tzedakah

 originally posted July 29, 2012

I just received this beautiful story about RMF using speech as a form of Tzedakah from "Derech Emet"


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (born 1895, died 1986) was on his way to an important meeting, and was about to enter a car when a. beggar stopped him and asked him for charity.

The Rabbi took out his wallet and gave the man some money, but the poor man was not done yet.

He began talking to the Rabbi, who despite his lack of spare time, listened patiently to the beggar. Eventually,
the poor man left and the Rabbi stepped into the car.

Later on, a student asked him:

"Rabbi, when the man asked you for a donation, could you have just given him one and left? We know how precious your time is to you".

The Rabbi explained:
"On the contrary: My talking to that man was far more important to him. than the money I gave him."

The mitzvah of charity also includes showing the recipient that you are not too busy to listen to him.

SOURCE: Ateres HaShavua, 2008 May 2, Parshat Kedoshim


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