Sunday, 26 July 2009

Amaleik and Honest Weights and Measures

My former Congregation in Washington Heights Inwood consisted of German-Jewish survivors. In fact it was proverbially "built upon the rubble of Krystalnach". Amaleik and Naziism was a very sensitive topic 3 times a year:
  1. Parshat Zachor
  2. Beshalach
  3. Ki Teitze

Note in Devarim (mishneh Torah) we darshan "semuchot" (juxta-positions)

This "mini-catechism" below is derived from my drashot on Ki Teitze or Parshot Zachor over the years. This is certainly something to ponder for this Shabbat Hazzon!



Q: In Ki Teitze, Why does the parsha of Amaleik follow the mitzva of honest weights and measures?

A: To teach us that when Israel practices its business dishonestly, Amaleik (anti-Semites) may come out and attack us.

Q: This sounds fairly harsh! Does this mean that Dishonest Jewish Businessmen create "anti-Semitism"?

A: Not as I see it. Rather, the anti-Semites always lurk in the "woodwork". And then, if/when Israel is dishonest in business, God's Divine protection is thereby withdrawn. This in turn triggers anti-Semitic "action.". IOW the anti-Semites always exist in an inert state - until Israel violates Honest Weights and Measures. Only then Amaleik (or Nazis) rear their ugly heads and attack us.

May we do Teshuva so as to merit the restoration of the Divine Magen Avraham and the Divine Magen David.

Shavu Tov

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