Monday, 20 July 2009

Jerry Manuel and Mixed Messages

We were discussing both in cyberspace how the same author can contradict himself in 2 works
One of my favorites is a minor one re: Tallith before Tefillin
  • Bet Yosef: Due to tadir V"sheino Tadir
  • SA: Ma'alin BeQodesh

(FWIW I like BY's reason better!)


On Sports radio a caller noticed that Mets Manager Jerry Manuel seemed to be flip-flopping...

  • In one interview: We need more hitters!
  • In a 2nd interview: We have a good enough team as is!

The wise host (IIRC a woman) used first class Talmudic reasoningJerry wasn't changing his mind!
  • In the first interview he was sending a message to his General Manager Omar Minaya: "Get me some sluggers, NOW!"
  • In the 2nd interview he was patting his current line-up on their proverbial backs saying "I have confidence in you guys"

Similarly, an author may be addressing 2 audiences, or 2 situations:
Ideally X
But Y is technically OK
Talmidei Chachamim should do X and Y is fine for baalei batim
In ivory tower academics it's X
In the real world it's. Y

Al pi Halachah do X
Al pi Qabbalah do Y

  • Bet Yosef is aisi written primarily for scholars
  • Shulchan Aruch primarily for simple students. (Caveat: it can also be utilized by rabbis to make a "P'saq/decision" between alternate choices)


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