Monday, 20 July 2009

Course Outline for Hirschian Thought

Here is a program for Yeshiva High School and Beis Midrash based upon the Works of R Samson Raphael Hirsch

Grade 9:
  1. 19 letters
  2. Dayan Grunfeld's Hakdama to Horeb
  3. Hirsch Haggadah
  4. Pirke Avos - First Chapter

Grade 10
  • Complete the Horeb both in class and homework
  • Pirke Avos - Chapter Two

Grade 11 As introduction to Hirsch on Chumash
  1. Siddur - Note Use the Siddur's Ezehu Mekoman as intro to commentary on Vayikra
  2. Psalms
  3. Wisdom from Mishle
  4. Pirke Avos -Chapters 3 and 4

Grade 12
  1. Hirsch Chumash - Vayikra
  2. Pirke Avos -Chapters 5 and 6

Beis Midrash level:
  1. Complete Hirsch Humash - one Volume per Year
  2. Cover Collectted Writings - On volume per Semester
  3. Add Writings by Dayan Grunfeld and the Breuers

1 comment:

Mikewind Dale said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I'd myself know as much RSRH as these kids'll've!

(I just couldn't resist the double contraction. Colloquially, I'll also say things like "Y'all'd've".)

I've done 19 Letters, Hakdamah to Horeb, Avot, Mishlei, and about three or so volumes worth of Collected Writings. But these kids will have done additionally the Tehillim, Siddur, and Horeb.

I'll be mighty impressed with (and personally embarrassed from meeting) any of these kids, and maybe I'll have some hope for the future of Orthodoxy as well.