Wednesday, 21 October 2009

5770 - What I'm learning (and Why I'm telling you)

Selecting what to learn for me is often a moving target. Priorities constantly shift. Chavrusos come and go. Selected S'farim sometimes do not meet my expectations.
Nevertheless, after some introspection and planning I have set up some goals for this year.

The reason I share these with readers, is to understand what texts are triggering many of my posts! Oftentimes my learning triggers an idea, an insight, or a hiddush.

My highest priority is to cover the entire Shulchan Aruch and Mappah using the SA Yomi program. But I am not sticking to the exact yomi portions. Since I have done patches here and there already, I am jumping around a bit WITHIN the volume of the month. So I am now working on finishing the last third of BOTH Tishrei and finishing Marchesvan (Hilchos Shabbos).

So in any chodesh, I plan to start the new month's limmud and continue to complete the previous month's volume, too.

Also, I am focused on doing Mishnah yomis/yomit as well. In addition, I participate in our shul's siyyum mishnayos, and this year I volunteered to do Ohalos. I also sign up for Ohalos in conjunction with siyyumim for yahrtzeits and I plan to cover the text with several different peirushim, EG Kehati, Bartenura, Blackman, and Tavnis Ohalos.

For Humash I am using the new set of Hirsch. It is also part of my machshava program. In addition I plan to cover one mishnah a day in Avos using Hirsch also. Thus, some Hirsch immersion. Future years, I plan to cover Horeb and Hirsch on Tehillim.

I like to cover 1 sefer on Mitzvos each year. This year it's Hareidim.
It also is involved in "Machshava".

I have a chavrusa in issur v'heter. We are doing Tur and Shulchan Aruch on bassar bechalav. Recently we have integrated Rambam with his nos'ei keilim into the mix.

I also have a "drop in" chavrusa who learns when he gets a break. We are covering SA Harav on Hilchos Sukkah. SA Harav is very well written and the new editions with nekuddos and updated footnotes are a real pleasure.

I also am learning Halachos G'dolos on Shabbos. We decided to focus on Hilchos Pesach in general and the Seder in particular.

Occasionally I will dip into minhagim to update nishma minhag. The SA and SA Harav may be useful here too

So I am using 3 beqios tools
Mishnayos with Kehatti
Shulchan Aruch
Halachos G'dolos

I am light on iyyun as of now, except with issur v'heter and Ohalos.


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