Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What Would I change about "Judaism" [or Jewish Culture] - Introduction

Many of us have soap-boxes or "rants" to discharge. This series has an interesting Genesis - which is the Parsha of the Week as I write this!


About 2 years ago a Hassidisher Yid asked me: "What would you change about Judaism?"
It was not the kind of question I expected from a Hassid and I stammered. I finally said that my biggest passion for change centres about Hinuch - education of our next generation.

Later, I realized that I DO have several issues that I "rock the boat" about. Most of those are quibbles.

Further Background

Re: Jewish Education.

This was my late Mother's [OBM] Passion. The Hebrew Academy of Hartford was one of her 4 children - so to speak. Note, today as I write this, is October 14, 2009 my Mom's 99th birthday.

So BEH, we will be focusing about Improving and "turbo-charging" Jewish Ed and Hinuch so that future generations of Jews will enjoy a higher level of Jewish Experience.

There will be a few other "quibbles" about certain practices that require introspection, too. Self-examination is a worthwhile endeavor Year-'round

Happy Birthday Mom!


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