Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Talking Torah and History 3 - La'asukei..

In our series re: Cognitive Dissonance we covered 2 versions of "La'asukei Sh'mat'ta aliba d'hilch'ta"


• 1 Determining the Halacha based upon the "P'shat" of a given Sugya
• 2 Determining the "P'shat" in the Sugya Based upon the way the Halachah is in practice

My friend the Historian quipped:
"#2 is indeed congruent with "La'asukei Sh'mat'ta aliba dehilch'ta"
But #1 is really more Congruent with 'La'asukei Hilch'ta aliba dishmat'ta'!

Hmmm I said.
I soon realized that his insight really changes everything...

Shalom RRW

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