Saturday, 17 October 2009

Beqi'ut Poll Results

In our last poll, we inquired about:

Poll: The Best Method to Acquire Beqi'ut

Goal: To Gain as much Beqi'ut as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Parameters: Assume 1 free hour a day and a moderate background

In your opinion which course of study will produce the"Biggest Bang for the Buck"?

Option A - Daf Yomi with Shottenstein Edition
1 daf (complete two-sided folio) per day - a 7.5 year course.

Option B - Mishna with Kehatti
1 chapter a day - a 1.5 year course

Option C - Rambam Mishneh Torah
3 chapters a day (no commentaries) - a 1 year course

Option D - Rambam MT with commentary [such as Rambam L'am]
1 chapter a day - about a 3 year course.
Note: Rambam L'am is more than just MT

Option E - Humash with Torah Temima
1 aliya a day - a 1 year course

Option F - Shulchan Aruch Yomi
1 year program

Which of the above, would you recommend as a first option for improving beqi'ut?

Your responses:

Option A 2% (2)
Option B 2% (7 )
Option C 2% (3)
Option D 2% (7)
Option E 2% (3)
Option F 2% (5)
Total Responses 27


1) It may be noteworthy that the most common study pattern of daf yomi scored the lowest. An additional interesting fact in this regard is that it was also the last item to be marked. Of course, people who do daf yomi may not intent for it to serve the needs of a quick accumulation of
biqi'ut but it is interesting that responders to this poll did not see it as a good method of acquiring biqi'ut.

2) While it would seem that the study of mishnayot and the study of Rambam equally led all choices, if one considers that there were actually two choices for Rambam -- one with commentary and one without -- it would seem that the study of Rambam in some way is perceived to be the best method by which to acquire beqi'ut.

3) A comment was made on one of the postings at the time that we launched this poll, that an important option was not considered -- i.e. the study of the Aruch Hashulchan. Indeed that, and a study of the Tur, may have been other options that should have been offered.

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